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Women's Flat Sandals

Castañer women's flat sandals are the footwear of choice for those looking for a more practical model without giving up all the style that characterizes the brand: comfort, exclusive design and elegance are combined in a single piece made by the best craftsmen in the world of fashion!

Buy Flat Sandals at Castañer

If you are looking for flat sandals with personality, at Castañer we have been creating avant-garde footwear for generations. Our traditional braided sole made of natural jute follows the same methodology as almost a hundred years ago, which gives it a unique character that can hardly be imitated by other brands.

For the assembly, we use a wheel-shaped mold that has been responsible for the characteristic shape of our footwear, and with which we still work today to continue designing flat sandals loaded with the essence of Castañer.

Although wedge models are today the identity of our brand, flat sandals for women have made their way as another of the main bets of today's women. Flat sandals are a comfortable shoe, but just as attractive as their taller version, and perfectly compatible with a more casual look.

Find women's flat sandals with exclusive designs

Within our collection of women's flat esparto sandals, you will find those with a straight base and others with a slight wedge. As for the materials used for the designs, metallic linen and cotton canvas stand out, with glitter and frayed finishes, as well as metallic threads for the soles, which are made of rubber and jute.

The flat platform sandals will allow you to follow the current fashion trends, but always with the particular and perfectly identifiable style of the Castañer brand. Dress your feet with our exclusive designs and exude elegance wherever you go with the most practical footwear.

Because the classic and the modern are perfectly compatible and because the traditional combines perfectly with creativity in the designs, Castañer women's flat sandals are the proof of it!