CASTAÑER has different official pages depending on the country where the client is located and language:

For any questions or concerns, you can contact customercare@castaner.com


Market / Region Language Domain
Spain Español https://castaner.com/
French https://castaner.com/fr
Italiano https://castaner.com/it
English https://castaner.com/en
Catalan https://castaner.com/ca
Italy Italiano https://castaner.com/it-it
English https://castaner.com/en-it
France Francés https://castaner.com/fr-fr
English https://castaner.com/en-fr
Rest of European Union English https://castaner.com/en-eu
United States English https://row.castaner.com/
United States (Florida) English https://fl.castaner.com/
United Kindom English https://row.castaner.com/
Dominican Republic Español https://castaner-rd.com/
Chile Español https://castanerchile.cl/
Colombia Español https://castanercol.com/
Aruba English https://castaneraruba.com/