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Women's Wedge Sandals

Women's wedge sandals are the most representative model of the entire collection for women in Castañer. In Castañer we have been working, innovating and taking care of our wedge sandals designs for years. Made of natural materials and elaborated by artisans, dress your feet with this piece of art!

Buy Wedge sandals of the highest range at Castañer.

The sandal is probably the oldest footwear in the world, and ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Romans used leather straps to attach a sole to their feet. Since these primitive designs, the footwear sector has not stopped evolving, and something similar has happened with the history of Castañer.

For many years, Castañer's wedge sandal models have undergone numerous modifications to their designs, adapting to the trends of the fashion world, but at the same time, they continue to maintain the same essence that made the brand popular; the love for a job well done and footwear that perfectly fulfills the function for which they have been created.

The women's esparto wedge sandals are made following the same techniques that our designers have used for years, with braided soles of high quality natural materials, such as jute, and with varied and colorful designs that adapt to fashions and new times.

Find wedge sandals for women with exclusive designs

If you are looking for women's wedge sandals, in Castañer you will find the pioneer footwear in this style. A long history of letting us soak up the trends and creating comfortable, functional and elegant models, let yourself be seduced by their beauty!

In addition to the most popular models of women's wedge sandals that are always part of our collection of women's footwear, at Castañer we also work with exclusive wedge sandal designs that you can only find for a limited period of time.

Since we like to reinvent ourselves and we always bet on innovation, the prints and finishes of our footwear are renewed season after season, and are unique to the brand. If you want to go for women's wedge sandals full of personality and unique style, take a look at Castañer's current collection and choose your pair!